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Thread: Nuneaton

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    And once again it’s the fans who suffer.

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    No, they enjoyed the ride to the conference Premier.

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    But now they potentially have to start all over again

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    I seem to have seen the rise and fall of this club. Their first game as a Southern League club was against ourselves at Longlevens. Then - like all too many others - they moved onwards and upwards whereas we stood still. At their old ground, the coldest place I ever watched football, they became formidable and it was a touch intimidating to go there. Never felt quite the same out on the trading estate.

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    I remember a game about Christmas 1996 where it was sub zero. So, so cold.

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    They always use to get 1000 plus crowds .

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    There old ground Manor Park was a right little gem very boisterous too. Remember one game in the 90’s sat on the supporters coach ready to leave watching someone’s house being burgled...

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    I agree ST - regularly had 1000 plus also an intimidating crowd ( I found the same at Boston) to . wasn’t that where they charged to park the coach !
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    This was the ground where we had a coach lock in. We had to wait half an hour to be released as there was no key. There were no concession prices and an extra charge to sit in the stand. A certain nameless supporter refused to pay the excess and we all followed her into the stand. I was later escorted from the stand for an interesting discussion with regard to a tackle on one of our players.......amusing because the referee had thought the same as me and had stuck a yellow card up The aggressors nose. I was later interviewed by the head steward with regard to my conduct....unbelievable.
    Pleasing to think that I could have added to there demise as I told them. Would never darken their doorstep again.

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