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Thread: Tranmere

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    Glad to see them out of the Conference after winning the play off final today. Only 16,000 there though. Wembley really shouldn't be used for these games and 36 and 41 quid a pop tickets is abhorrent. Way too much for a non league game! Not at all enticing for any neutrals or curious fans.

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    Bet that's cheered GH up after accidentally travelling to Spain to watch unsuccessful lycra-clad bouncer wrestling.
    Pitying people who need to drink alcohol to have a good time since 4th June 2017.

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    Quote Originally Posted by daveangel View Post
    Bet that's cheered GH up after accidentally travelling to Spain to watch unsuccessful lycra-clad bouncer wrestling.
    GH quote: ďFantastic!! Time to get smashed I think!!Ē

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    The cost is ridiculous for a non league game. Does nothing to entice a neutral fan to the game

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    Money in general has ruined football.

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    Don't forget they do offer cheap tickets earlier in the season. Granted fans of sides involved might not want to take a risk, but certainly neutrals could get one then. It was never going to be a big crowd today as Boreham Wood are too small a club. Just imagine if Ebbsfleet had got their instead of Tranmere and you would have been looking at a really small crowd.

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    I thought the Vanarama Big Day Out that we did a few years ago was excellent value except for what they charged to park the coach.

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    How many ex FGR players were in the Tranmere side

    Norwood (my MOM), Jennings, Mangang..any more??
    Best wishes to all.

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    Well done to Tranmere, Iím sure the Hickeyís are very happy.

    That is too much money for a non-league game and I agree they should move that final to Stoke, Leicester or Villa, somewhere like that.

    Iíve always thought itíd be a cool idea to have the playoff final at our level at a neutral ground, Iím sure itís been done before. Would be a great day out to have the final at Burton or Chesterfield etc. maybe Oxford or somewhere London based for the south.

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    The issue is as Colin has said the play off final has to be booked a year in advance so they canít wait until the teams are known.
    But it does seem as if 90% of football supporters think the final should be moved to somewhere like Villa Park.
    Which begs the question, why has it not been?

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