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Thread: Tranmere

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    Neikell Plummer
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    Quote Originally Posted by MeadowClark View Post
    Well done to Tranmere, I’m sure the Hickey’s are very happy.

    That is too much money for a non-league game and I agree they should move that final to Stoke, Leicester or Villa, somewhere like that.

    I’ve always thought it’d be a cool idea to have the playoff final at our level at a neutral ground, I’m sure it’s been done before. Would be a great day out to have the final at Burton or Chesterfield etc. maybe Oxford or somewhere London based for the south.
    When the play-offs came in the final was at Stoke to start with and they had one season at Man City because they couldn't use Wembley although ironically it was the year Wimbledon played Luton. As for our level again they were on neutral grounds to start with but then moved to the current system. Pretty sure it was last season the National League tried to put the final back to a neutral ground but the clubs rejected it. I agree though it should be at a neutral ground. Yes it could be argued the team finishing higher in the table deserve home advantage in the final, but I think it is quite a small thing and it would be better to have it at a decent league ground.

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    Neikell Plummer
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    Jun 2017
    Leaving aside an awful, start Tranmere would have gone up as champions. Well deserved as they are a very good side.

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    Well how frustrating to have been away from Wembley and any TV in Spain to watch that match! Phenomenal effort from the Super Whites, but as a lot of my mates on the Wirral have said, itís not a cheap day out to get to Wembley, especially when you have only 7 days to grab your tickets.

    I know you can buy tickets in advance, but tickets priced at £40+ and a long journey from the Wirral to Wembley racks up quite considerably. The old draw of Wembley being a unique stadium has gone, apart from the Arch itís no different to many grounds like the Emirates for example. Great occasion at Wembley and itís a great place to win a game, but sub 20,000 crowds for a game isnít worthwhile and it does look poor when you see a scattering of fans.

    Saying that occasion had by the few yesterday and Iím jealous as can be...and I did get smashed Getushome!

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    Richard Kear
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    It is the choice of the 68 Clubs and after all they are the League.
    And try telling players that they canít play at Wembley.
    We tried to convince clubs that North and South could be played at one venue on the same day but that was rejected last year.
    Whatever is decided not all would be or are happy. Come and try it. Itís not easy.

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    Not saying its easy, just passing on my opinion and that of some people I know on an open forum. I'm sure for any organisation feedback from supporters and potential punters would be appreciated.
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    To be fair the players probably want to play at wembly as itís every football fans/ players dream Iíd imagine, They might only get one shot, I would Choose Wembly over Stoke.

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    Chris Jones
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    Quote Originally Posted by runcorn flag View Post
    Not saying its easy, just passing on my opinion and that of some people I know on an open forum. I'm sure for any organisation feedback from supporters and potential punters would be appreciated.
    But sounds like they need to canvass their clubs, not the league!

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    Of course it's a players and supporters dream, packed Wembley end to end match and a decent atmosphere to boot. The reality for the conference play off final (and trophy final for that matter) is usually different though, bet no one woke up and thought I can't wait to play in front of 70,000 odd empty plastic seats.

    Maybe time for the players and supporters in the conference premier to revise their expectations and play at a smaller venue as it can't look good for anyone to have rows and rows of empty seats on the TV

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