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Thread: It's all is for another season

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    It's all is for another season

    Final league table is spot on and again credit to Steve and Mary for producing it throughout the season..
    Monkerhostin it is then with a powerful 27pts haul saving his best till last to become this seasons champion and with that total joins Daveangel and Mr Matt as the all time Predictor League highest weekly pts scorers what a way to finish!..
    Mr Matt takes the runner up slot and as been going well in recent weeks but came up short when it mattered but that was probably down to me singing his praises last week! nonetheless still a best ever season for Matt who jointly holds the 27pts in a week record also was one of the 4 who returned 20pts + in a week that's a record and returned four 20+ totals during the season another record.
    Young Isaac (3rd) as got to be pleased with his efforts in his debut season and was well there for most of the way and surprised a few he's got the taste for it now and can't wait for next season to get underway.
    City Col (4th) with a courageous 19pts and a valiant last ditch attempt to spoil the party finishes agonisingly 1pt behind Isaac a solid season all the same from the big man also making his debut and no doubt he'll be back for more next time to mount his onslaught.
    Cookie (5th) goes quietly about his buisness and finishes where he normally does in this he as banged some big totals in along the way and could fancy his chances next season.
    ScaryMary (6th) & Redshift (7th) recovered from a shaky start to finish with respectability where they did and were on a roll with some high totals during the last month with Mary cracking the 300pts barrier at her first attempt also these 2 along with Cookie and Mr Matt hold the record for the most 20 + pts totals in a week.
    Now to the "Also Rans"....
    Gay Buccaneer (8th) in a nutshell apart from two 20+ totals around xmas as been just really consistently shit!.
    Runcorn Flag (9th) Taff (10th) Sally (12th) three debutants who stuck at it and hung on in there and kept going till the end and will be most welcome once again next season.
    Leon (11th) a former winner and regular top 3 finisher just doesn't know where it all went wrong for him this time round but vows to be back up where he belongs next time so he tells me Saturday..that'sthe spirit!.
    Daveangel (13th) & Drbob (14th) both Predictor League regulars have had a season to forget really as they missed a fair number of weeks between them which curtailed any hope of seasonal glory albeit tho Dave created Predictor League history becoming the first highest points scorer in a week 27pts (Mar 10) curtesy of his infamous 1 - 0 away wins!.the record now though as been eequalled by Mr Matt (Apr 14) and Monkerhostin (Apr 28)..both Daveangel & Drbob who is normally a top 5 or 6 player are better than their finishing positions suggests and hope they come back next season and do theirselves justice.
    Dave m city fan (15th) "Refused at the first" so to speak and chucked it in very early on -you'll be first on the list for next season then Dave.
    As Redshift mentioned big thanks to everyone for taking part and seeing it out and hope to see you all again come the next one when hopefully we can get to a starting 20.
    Cheers All...have a good summer.

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    Thanks to everyone who organised it all and update the league/results/records.
    Itís a good bit of fun during the season.
    Congratulations Monkerhostin. Not at all bitter!

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    Yes good fun, something look forward to and get the brain into gear each week. Many thanks to all who help run the Prediction League

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    Echo the commmets above enjoyed the league thanks to those who organised it congratulations to Monkerhostin on winning,looking forward to next seasons

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    Thank you GayB, Redshift and anyone else involved for organising, was great fun through the year and will definitely be taking part again if its in existence next year.

    Congrats Monkerhostin on the victory, we all know MrMatt is involved with match fixing so the whole world celebrates your victory!

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