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Thread: The Legs are leaving

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    The Legs are leaving

    Hi All,

    As quite a few found out today, Braintree was my last game for the club. I am really sorry for not announcing it but I want to leave quietly. A few people were aware of my decision but kept it quiet at my request which I really appreciate.

    Why ?
    Eleven years of every game being an away game has finally taken its toll and unfortunately, Evesham is a ground too far. I know some will argue that we have had ďhomesĒ but i have to store and transport a load of stuff to every game. Iíve forgotten what itís like to turn up to a game with just my kit! Something that people will forget is that all the First team equipment has to be stored somewhere. Quite a bit of it at my house. Footballs are easy, they can go in the garage but the Medical kit is more delicate so into the house it goes.

    Why Now?
    Two reasons here. Firstly, I have reached a couple of milestones. 30 years as a Physio at the club, 25 of those with the First team. Nice numbers to leave with.
    The other is to do with Sam (youngest). Some will have noticed that he has not been around so much for the last couple of months. This is because he has started to play Senior football. He is enjoying it and wants to continue next season. Julie (Better Half) has been taking him and doesnít mind doing it but Sam quite likes me to watch. I also like watching him as well but I am a nervous Dad when I do. Julie has got better about understanding the game but apparently, she is not as good as me 😀

    You have heard this before.
    Very true. A bit of pressure from a variety of sources including my family worked. This time, Jess and Sam have given their blessing. The only person who is not entirely happy is my Mum but she understands my reasons.
    For those that donít know, Gloucester City, for almost 60 years has not just been about Dad and I, it has been a family affair. My Granddad worked in the office (yes, the club used to have an admin office!), Mum washed the kit. My Brother helped out when we were kids. He has even been named as a sub a couple of times! Jess and Sam you will be aware of. Jess selling the programmes and Sam being part of the back room staff. Iíve even got Julie involved on occasions.

    Will I miss it ?
    It is going to be weird. I definitely know that. I guess I have been around for about 45 years since Dad first brought me to a game. Iíve done all sorts at the club as well. Ball boy, selling programmes (guess thatís where Jess gets her talent from), being on the turnstiles and Iíve even done a 2 week stint helping the Groundsman at Horton Road! And, of course, there is the Physio role which I have been extremely proud of.

    I now have to say a Massive Thank-You to the Supporters Trust. They have been brilliant at covering the medical bills for years. I think Trev dreads when he gets an email from me but bless him he is always quick to repay me.
    The thing I find odd is that it is the Trust that has to foot the bill rather than the club. Hopefully, that will change.

    Now, another apology. Iím really sorry that I wont be at the end of season bash. I just wanted to go quietly. Iím known as the quiet man of the club and I donít want any fuss. There is also a rumour of a Ďno shortsí dress code. That will definitely rule me out 😁

    Hopefully, I will pop up to the odd game, depending on Samís fixtures.

    All thatís left for me to say is thank-you again. Iíve loved it.

    Oh. And, keep City Yellow !

    Take care all.

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    If Iím the first to read this and make a response then so be it, but what a task to reply to your fulsome and considerate reflection. It bespeaks you better than any tribute that we can pay you.

    But Iíd have to say that your contribution is unequalled, and never will be. You are painstaking in explaining how things are for you and I think there is much ahead for you that I trust will bring much satisfaction and pleasure to Julie and to you, and to Jess and Sam of course.

    There is much modesty in what you have to say because that is the nature of the quiet man. You have been the soul of discretion down the years as was Bernard before you. Another thing you share with him is that wonderful smile that we shall all miss very much.

    I was proud to have been your dadís best man and I remember what joy he took in your being the first born. I suppose that the consolation for Daryl is that I am his godfather. Perhaps not inappropriate all told that I am first up with a tribute to which scores will now want to add.

    Thanks for everything Ade.

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    City legend Ade. City won't be the same without you mate. Good luck to you and your family.

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    Blimey, you're part of the furniture. Who next? Goughy?!!

    All the best Ade

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    Ade I’ve known your family from a footballing sense for over 45 yrs and what a pleasure it’s been. Clubs like ours could not survive without the likes of yourself and your dad before you ( both ability assisted by a good lady behind the scenes) . It may not sound much but Thanks. Hopefully see you collecting the NLP on a Sunday.

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    Ade, remember my late Dad looking after me Dave and yourself sometimes when your late Dad took you to away matches and needed someone to look after you.
    Always a pleasure as was your Dad, fine people whom it has been my privilege to know. Best wishes.

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    I've never watched City without a Tandy on the bench. When you told me at full time I was genuinely choked up and Deano caught me. I had to tell him it was hayfever. I think I got away with it.

    Enjoy your well deserved family time, and make sure you join us whenever you can.

    Genuine City legend.
    Pitying people who need to drink alcohol to have a good time since 4th June 2017.

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    Thank you Ade for everything you have done over so many years for GCAFC. Huge loss to the Club but totally understand your decision.
    Enjoy time with your family, you deserve it !

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    Like Dave I’ve never watched City without a Tandy being present so August will seem very strange.

    Always sad to see one of the City family leave and even more so when it’s someone who has given so much to the club. Enjoy your time watching Sam and hope to see you coming thought the turnstiles on occasions next year and beyond

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    Ade, I'm really sorry to see you go - City won't be the same without a Tandy in the changing room.

    It was a privilege to work with you and Bernard. The two of you taught me so much over the years about dealing with footballing injuries.

    I know you nearly left several years ago and I was very happy that you decided then to stay.

    Wishing you and the family all the best for the future - enjoy supporting Sam - I'm sure it will be an even more intense roller coaster than being involved with City.

    Sorry to hear that you won't be at the presentation evening, but I hope to meet you at the occasional City match in the future.

    Thanks again to the whole Tandy family for everything they've done for City over the years.

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