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Thread: Tim Harris

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    James Palmer
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    May 2017

    Since taking over Ricco and Morph have worked wonders with the same squad, going from auto relegation to safety in the table!

    Do you think they would stay if they were undermined, bringing in another who would find it hard not to interfere with the playing side of things?

    Think before you wish!

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    James Palmer
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    May 2017
    Quote Originally Posted by Neil View Post
    I wonder how he got saddled with that role in the first place. I'm pretty sure he just loves being a football manager!
    Tim seemed positive when he took the role but I always thought swan the owner would expect instant success.
    Tim didn't perform well at Redditch the table doesn't lie and it won't look good on his CV. Redditch seemed more of a knee jerk move and one he I am now regrets.
    Ricco is a good coach whist Tim is more of a GM in my opinion.
    I would doubt we will see him back at City anytime soon but who knows in this life anything is possible! As said the king is dead long live the king!

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    Alex Harris
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    May 2017
    I’d be surprised to see him come back at the moment

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