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Thread: Q&A on The Votte

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    Q&A on The Votte

    For those unaware Chris Gage and Rod Jenner have agreed to do a Q&A on the Votte twitter page tonight at 7pm..
    I believe questions have already been submitted but I’m pretty sure everything you can think of has been asked and will be answered..
    FairPlay to them for both doing this..

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    Follow proceedings here -

    There will be a transcript of all questions & answers later

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    Can you include all of the replies too please!

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    Great they they’ve done this but a face to face with fans would have been better IMO

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    Face to face meetings previous to this were really poorly attended. Social media reaches out to so many more.

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    True but with the way things have changed at the club in the last 6 months a face to face would surely generate more interest. Like I say, not knocking what’s been done tonight.

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    That was decent.

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    great comments and the future seems to be really bright, can not wait until we are back in the City

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    Thought it was really good,Did they see the questions before hand? Professional answers and logical reasons,But the best bit had to be when he said it annoyed him that “el glosico” is played by teams which dont carry the county’s name, I know where he’s coming from!

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