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Thread: World Cup Sweepstake.

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    God Damn that was almost a three o'clock kick off then!

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    The last eight

    Abi G
    Kev Avery

    Phil K
    Si Robin

    Christopher P


    Andrew Bick

    Phoebe G
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    I’m still in.........can I say Cheats never prosper.
    Also what rubbish coverage by ITV.........lets get the adverts on never mind history in the making.

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    Looks like a fun day out at Evesham on Saturday........hopefully we can watch the game in the bar. My grandson is off to Sweden tomorrow on a football tour. May be a bit hostile come Sat

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    Quote Originally Posted by graymim View Post
    .lets get the adverts on never mind history in the making.
    Their interview with Southgate at the end the advert board in the background was in focus whilst the man himself was OOF!

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    Before the world cup Portugal have a friendly against Scotland, but it’s been a long hard season and most of the players are not looking forward to it.

    “Tell you what lads” says Ronaldo, “you go down the pub and have a rest and I’ll play them by myself”

    “Are you sure – could be tricky 1 against 11”

    “No, I’ll be alright”

    So Ronaldo goes to the game and the lads go to the pub. They are drinking and one of them checks his phone and sees:

    10 mins: Portugal 1 (Ronaldo 3 mins) Scotland 0

    “Hey lads, he’s winning its unbelievable”

    At half time they look again and it’s still 1-0.

    The lads are having a great time and eventually remember to check again after full time and see

    Portugal 1 (Ronaldo 3 mins) Scotland 1 (McSporran 89 mins)

    “It’s amazing he got a draw all by himself”

    A bit later Ronaldo arrives at the pub and he is distraught

    “Lads, so sorry, I let you down”

    “Let us down! You got a draw all by yourself it was great”

    “No, lads, I let you down. I was sent off after 12 mins”

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    Bugger it...

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    That's my sweepstake interest gone too although I'm glad that that cheat Suarez is out.

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    All UEFA countries left...

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    Those TV pundits actually know fecking nothing.!

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