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Thread: World Cup Sweepstake.

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    World Cup Sweepstake.

    Who fancies a Sweepstake for the 2018 FIFA World Cup, which is less than 9 weeks away now.

    There are 32 teams available and it will be 10 to enter the draw for a national team in the sweepstake.

    Prize money will be 100 for the winner, 50 for the runner up, 30 for third place and 10 for fourth place and 10 for the first team eliminated.

    This will help to raise Trust funds during the close season and is always good fun. We will aim to sell all teams prior to conducting the draw live on Periscope from Neil's waterfront veranda

    Pay myself, or in the club shop on one of the remaining matchdays, or direct to the Supporters Trust at

    Glos.City Sup.LTD
    89485489 giving your name as a reference.

    When you HAVE PAID, state on this thread that you have, and you'll be added to the list.

    When all 32 places are taken, we will organise the draw.

    That said, it might be easier for us all to chuck SiRobin a few quid!

    1.Neil PAID
    2.Mr P PAID
    3.Daveangel PAID
    4.Kev A PAID
    5.Kingo PAID
    6.Josef PAID
    7.SiRobin PAID
    8.Cookie PAID
    9.Roy Fenner PAID
    10.Lin Fenner PAID
    11.Shandy PAID
    12.WillyC PAID
    13.EVDF PAID
    14OurGer PAID
    15.OurCol PAID
    16.Becky PAID
    17.Mike PAID
    18.Freddie Crisp PAID
    19.Gray PAID
    20.Mim PAID
    21.Oldboy PAID
    22.MrMatt PAID
    23.Deano PAID
    24.Jake PAID
    25.Nickname PAID
    26.Leon PAID
    27.Bek PAID
    28.Shandy PAID
    29.Adrian PAID
    30.Gladfans PAID
    31.Andrew Bick PAID
    32.Pims Manager again PAID

    1b.Phil k PAID
    2b.Alan D PAID
    3b.Alan D2 PAID
    4b.Ade PAID
    5b.Sam PAID
    6b.Jess PAID
    7b.Judith PAID
    8b.Shurdyrover1 PAID
    9b.Shurdyrover2 PAID
    10b.DaveM PAID
    11b.Keegan PAID
    12b.Jackie PAID
    13b.Col PAID
    14b.Isaac PAID
    15b.Foggy PAID
    17b.Matt PAID
    18b.Sam PAID
    19b.Adam W PAID
    20b.Darran P PAID
    21b.Amanda PAID
    22b.Christopher P PAID
    23b.Mike D PAID
    24b.Keith D PAID
    25b.Kay M PAID
    26b.Tony M PAID
    27b.Kieran H PAID
    28b.Emily H PAID
    29b.Phoebe G PAID
    30b.Abbie G PAID
    31b.Katieangel PAID
    32b.Jack D (not that one) PAID
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    Pitying people who need to drink alcohol to have a good time since 4th June 2017.

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    Put me down for a '10 donation'

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    Roy and Lin Fenner have to be up for it, North Korea and the One Legged Islands are waiting for them!

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    Kev Avery gave me 10 tonight, please add his name

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    Put me down please. I'll transfer the money.

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    In (why do we need at least 10 characters to post?? )

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    So no-one can repeatedly post YARG

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    Yarg yarg!
    Pitying people who need to drink alcohol to have a good time since 4th June 2017.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kingo View Post
    Put me down for a '10 donation'
    This was tounge in cheek as I never win! I will have a team if there is one left........

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    As always, I will only take a space if one is spare as I feel it should go to Gloucester fans first.

    I thought Portugal was a rubbish draw a couple of years ago so here's looking forward to Panama winning the World Cup this year

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