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Thread: Local football watch

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    FFS Dave..don't get sponsoring any of our top boys will ya!😁😁

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    Edji came on for Cinderford today for the last half hour as they beat Bishops Cleeve 3-0. Will Tunnicliff came on around the same time for Cleeve also.

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    George Forsyth went straight into the Worcester team, but they lost 3-0 to Coventry United.

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    They beat the other Coventry a few years back. What a comedown.

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    Craig Reid scoring Cov Utd's second goal

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    Quote Originally Posted by Neil View Post
    They beat the other Coventry a few years back. What a comedown.
    Makes me glad we haven't had to do that.

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    Scum and FGR both lost today and are 24th and 22nd respectively.

    How much longer can Mr Johnson keep his job without the excuse of the poor state of the pitch due to City playing on it?

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    I know it's early doors but 22nd and 24th? I'm surprised at FGR, I thought they'd go through that league like a hot knife through butter, the Scuzz though, I love it!

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    Welcome to the real world Stale Vince. Would be so funny to see them come straight back down and even funnier if the Scum came down as well

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    Vince was so confident they would be promoted this season and great to see they are struggling.

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