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Thread: Hampton & Richmond Sat 14th April

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    One seat for Damian please

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    1 1 draw. Good point that, with an understrength bare bones 11.

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    Enjoyable game in the sun.

    The did all the pressing and we took the lead with our first shot on goal, but conceeded far too soon afterwards.

    Andrew Hannah did well; he's been around for years but hasn't been considered but he more than held his own, confident in the air and was only beaten by a shot across him. Where has he been playing?

    The other new lad looked good up front too, young but not overawed at all.

    Should've had a penalty too, the ref gave a free kick but the foul was in the area.

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    Thought Hannah was fantastic. Vocal, commanded his area and punched well when required. Be great to have a keeper all sorted early, and not have to rely on loans, however good they are.
    Pitying people who need to drink alcohol to have a good time since 4th June 2017.

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    Can anyone translate the post match interview with their manager for me? Itís like Alan Partridge series in the travel lodge (or whatever it was) all over again.

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    I was thinking the same thing!

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    What a funny old place Hampton and Richmond was. I thought I was at a village fete for the first half.I don't remember going to any other ground where so much noise was created by constant talking by the home fans,it was almost as if the game was secondary to the social event taking place.

    I have watched their managers interview twice and have no idea what he is chuffing on about!

    Interesting shouts from some of the home fans at the City players as they left the pitch at full time of "Your just a bunch of sheep shaggers"

    Obviously a tad upset that they aint as good as they thought they were. Suggest they pop down the local bistro and calm down.

    Still could be worse they could follow Cheltenham Spa Ra Ra Ra

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    Yep, I heard them at the end. Small town in Cheltenham too. Strange bunch trying to pick a fight with us.

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    Can’t believe that the highlights played without freezing.

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