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Thread: Bank Holiday Monday Coach to Bath. 2nd April

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    Four hours of BH working and so far 11 games across the National League gone.
    Sun just came out in Sussex.
    Off shortly to Sutton v Bromley on BTSport.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nick Name View Post
    Whilst understanding that our communications resource comprises volunteers what communications media are used to advise fans of postponed matches?

    I saw a tweet on Saturday on the official site that the St Albans match had been postponed but there was nothing else on the site, nothing on the forum (which is why I posted a thread).

    I guess that many are not on Twitter, it may have been on Facebook but Im not on Facebook.

    Is there an agreed process for posting this information?
    Back in the day you could phone the club and the answerphone message would be updated. As a minimum youd have thought that the club website should be the first to be updated, then social media channels afterwards.

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    Ahh those 0898 numbers.

    It was really awkward having a w**k in the hall where the phone was

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    Especially to the glos city helpline !!

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    Thanks to those that travelled on the coach today and to Brandman for his support as well

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    Cheers EVDF for collecting the money and ridding me of all my money on the golden goal!

    Also to Mr Angel for organising!

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