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Thread: Bank Holiday Monday Coach to Bath. 2nd April

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    One for Geoff H please

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    The weather don't look too clever. What time is it getting called off?

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    Hopefully before we’ve set off

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    Quote Originally Posted by Neil View Post
    The weather don't look too clever. What time is it getting called off?
    Whilst understanding that our communications resource comprises volunteers what communications media are used to advise fans of postponed matches?

    I saw a tweet on Saturday on the official site that the St Albans match had been postponed but there was nothing else on the site, nothing on the forum (which is why I posted a thread).

    I guess that many are not on Twitter, it may have been on Facebook but I’m not on Facebook.

    Is there an agreed process for posting this information?

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    Waking up in Sussex this morning and on duty coordinating fixtures across the National League this sank dreary Easter Monday. Pretty depressing all over with the rain so far and forecast for more.

    Suspect a number of matches will fall and the first to postpone is WSM v Truro City.
    Not too far from Bath but Seagulls always had an issue with the slightest of rainfall.

    Keep you posted on any news re Twertkn position.

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    No rain here and the BBC forecast is looking a lot more promising.

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    Just spoken to Bath. They are having a pitch inspection at 0930 but not expecting a problem.

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    Club(GCAFC) just tweeted
    ‘Despite the rain, looks like today's Match is ON! There's a pitch inspection due at 09:30 so we will keep you posted.’

    Bit presumptuously optimistic there I think, so pitch inspection in half an hour.

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    It’s on. ������

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    That was supposed to be smiley faces not question marks

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