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Thread: Hemel Today

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    Hemel Today

    With all the dooooom and glooom of the field we are one-nil up at half time, lets still get behind Ricco and the boys

    We still have a club to support!!!!

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    lost 3-1 still the winning streak can not continue indefinately

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    Sounds like we were well beaten by a better team with genuine playoff potential.

    Other results keep us in twelfth, but ten points off a playoff place bearing in mind our poor GD. Best hope is for a top half of table finish.

    But at least we're fourteen points clear of the drop zone.

    I hope that Harry W going off after ten minutes isn't serious.

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    Weird game really. Thought we were the better team in the first half, should’ve scored a couple more (but for a fantastic save and a bit of bad luck) and maybe they were unlucky not to score.

    Second half they were the much better side, although how the referee didn’t spot the BLATANT back pass (or give a free kick against Morford for getting elbowed in the head) was embarrassing and lead to a goal.

    Not too bothered about losing, I’d rather we miss out on the play-offs anyway. Hamon played well, his distribution was excellent and Lewis was my MOTM. Hopefully Harry’s injury isn’t too serious, we missed him a lot today.
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    That's the playoffs gone then, another problem gone away not by design.

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    We didn't seem to have many chances on twitter.

    We always lose there too.

    Fucking Mockneys.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Neil View Post
    We didn't seem to have many chances on twitter.

    We always lose there too.

    Fucking Mockneys.
    We had plenty, Parselle should’ve scored, Parker unlucky not too. We got the ball into their penalty area countless times, just didn’t have the end product.

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    Crap performance

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    We played really well in the first half and probably just about deserved to edge it although Hemel did well as well. I would say we played well up until they scored their first which didn't seem a free kick to me and then a long ball into the box was poorly defended and allowed them to score easily. After that we huffed and puffed but didn't create a great deal although they hardly had many chances themselves and their 2nd was another free kick but this time a superb strike. The final one came from when we should have had a free kick due to a back pass as Charlie mentions. They then got the ball down into our box and we had control of it and then lost it and gifted them a 3rd. We also should have had a pen after Morf took the ball off the keeper who hadn't picked it up in time and then was wrestled to the ground by the keeper as he tried to stop him from scoring. The ref somehow decided to give them a free kick. Their keeper was then a complete bell end after that because he knew he had got away with murder twice!

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