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Thread: George Irvine - an open letter

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    George Irvine - an open letter

    Iíve been given permission by George Irvine to make public a letter which he wrote to the local press some time back after he resigned. Enjoy.

    Ďcomplete lack of leadership

    it is with regret that I as Vice Chairman resigned recently. I really fear for the future of Gloucester City Football Club. In recent weeks we have lost a great Chairman in Mike Dunstan, along with the best team manager the club has ever had in Tim Harris along with Nick Priest our great accountant and other management board members. The owner Eamon McGurk has not even acknowledged our resignations, the club is now been run by inexperienced young people who have no idea how to run a club the size of Gloucester City. The club has no assets and an owner who drip feeds money only at the last minute when pushed. As a past Chairman and owner of the majority share holding I took responsibility of holding the keys to this proud club very responsibly, I only wish the current owner even had a percentage of that care. Since returning 3 years ago as Vice Chairman I have been appalled at the lack of leadership and commitment of the current owner. He never attends Management Board Meetings, and in the last 3 years has only been to see the team play 3 times. He does put money into the club but not in a structured way, it is always Last There is zero communication with everyone who has been running the club on his behalf, it has the feeling he doesnít really care, and those who have toiled endlessly are now walking away. Why work as unpaid volunteer for someone who never recognises your efforts let alone recognises you full stop. He has strung the supporters along for years about returning to Meadow Park but that is still a pipe dream, we havenít got the grants to build it and the owner hasnít shown up to now that he has the money to do it. It is time to PUT UP or SHUT UP, either pay the Piper or sell the club to someone who really cares and has the cash to get us back to our CITY of Gloucester. We love the City of Gloucester Football team, we have turned it into a community club with lots of youth teams both males and female and the biggest thing we lack is a leader, someone who loves the club, wants us to get better but above all else someone who cares and shows it. In all the years I have been part of this great club, for the first time I really canít see a future. The supporters have been led up an ever leading path to know where, it really is time for the owner to come clean and admit there is no chance we will be back home ever, unless he foots the bill.

    George M Irvine, former Chairman and recently Vice Chairmaní

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    I think that letter goes along way to answering Brandmans statement in regards to people leaving. Very depressing.

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    Sounds like last chance saloon.

    What was the point of the meeting with the Glos fa to ďget the ball rollingĒ for, was it not to apply for grants?

    And if EMG doesnít ďput upĒ would there be someone not only interested but with financial backing to buy the club and build a new stadium? Is GCFC an atractive investment...

    IMO I donít think itís a case of EMG giving timescales I thinks itís a case of the fans and the supporters trust giving timescales of how much longer they will wait.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spanish tiger View Post

    IMO I don’t think it’s a case of EMG giving timescales I thinks it’s a case of the fans and the supporters trust giving timescales of how much longer they will wait.
    I think we've waited long enough, nearly 11 years and counting.....!

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    When won't Eamonn sell?

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    Every day I reckon.
    Pitying people who need to drink alcohol to have a good time since 4th June 2017.

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    Thanks Tigermatty for posting that and getting the relevant permissions etc.

    Not really sure what to say about that, speaks volumes and is very concerning, but not surprising.

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    Thanks Tigermatty for being able to print the statement from George Irvine....a stalwart of this Club for many years. If this doesn't extract some sort of communication from EMG then at least we can all see his game and sadly from my own aspect, this really is the end. There have in the past been 'others' who were interested in taking the Club on and running it but when I revealed this information I was derided and told to stop being negative and be grateful to EMG for his financial contributions.
    If your name is above the door you are responsible for finances, operation, planning etc etc. The damning part for me is that EMG has only watched a game 3 times in as many years. There lies the interest whatsoever.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Neil View Post
    When won't Eamonn sell?
    I think you need to ask EMG that question just as I did a while back...the answer was "the pleasure derived from handing the club down to his family for perpetuity"
    Remind me just who in his family have shown any interest in this club.....answers on a postage stamp (sorry for the pun Neil) !

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    Thank you for sharing, a worrying message indeed from a great club servant.

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