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Thread: What Is The Future

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    What Is The Future

    After the news yesterday that Shaun Wetson has called it a day, it must be a major concern that another loyal and long serving member of the club has departed and it would seem all those others who have gone have done so for the simple way the club is operating.

    I have listed below those I can recall have left in the past four months. I do not mention the Supporters Trust in all this. They can speak for themselves. And in fact they did with the statement the Trust issued through Ian Compton as their Chairman. That was blunt and to the point and pulled no punches.

    I recognise, as we all should, that there still is a small committed number of match day staff who help by selling programmes, fund raisers and then working on the turnstiles and oversee hospitality for guests from visiting clubs plus they undertake many other tasks. You ladies and gentlemen are to be applauded! Matchdays cannot function without these dedicated people. Most however will undoubtedly be members of the Trust.

    In addition the Trust undertake to see that the coaches contracted from KB Coaches, to take players and fans to away games, are paid for their services. They also support other financial committments around home matchdays.

    Letís look at who has gone and if you know more then feel free to make reference.

    Chairman - Mike Dunstan
    Vice hairman - George Irvine
    Manager - Tim Harris
    Asst Manager -Matt Rose
    Kit Manager - Lee Randall
    Management Board - Nick Priest (Fianance)
    Management Board - Gulam Patel (Communications)
    Press Officer - Kelsey De Maria
    And now the Club Secretary - Shaun Wetson

    Everyone of those had an integral part to play in how the club at its level of football needs to be structured. Key people in key positions! It cannot be a one man band. VNLS is not Sunday morning football. And I do not wish to sound disrespectful to those who do run Sunday morning clubs: but I am sure you get my drift of what I mean in this context.

    Credit therefore should be paid to Marc Richards who took on the role of Manager and also his playing squad and back room staff who have come together on the field showing grit and determination beyond our wildest dreams. But he and they will have their own pressures and concerns. GCAFC have also had to rely on loan players but they come at a cost.

    Finances are a key aspect of a squad to compete at this level and for fans who think the Club could be promoted then you are far from reality. Yes we all dream but Ďdreamsí or Ďexpectationí only come before Ďrealityí in one place in this world and that is in the dictionary. The club should only have two objectives at this time and they are

    1- keeping the club operating properly without debt at a level which is affordable
    2- seeking to return to play in Gloucester as soon as feasible whether at Meadow Park or elsewhere

    By failing to secure and maintain the first makes the second pointless. It is about having a club to support - not where it plays, although I suspect many fans might argue differently, I ask you to please think of the reality behind this.

    For a club to be successful long term it has to be sustainable and with knowledgable people working together and most importantly being proactive. This season it promised so much but in real terms it has been only reactive in its response to questions being asked by many stalwarts, hence they have stepped away feeling disenchanted and no doubt devalued from the service given to the club in so so many many ways.

    What is the future for Gloucester City (1980) AFC?

    The club is not in a position through its current set up to be able to fund all that is needed.
    It is decision time before a decision is taken for it!

    If new investment is genuinly sought, surely the Club ownership must change. That does not mean EMG is forced to totally walk away but that he accepts he could perhaps work in tandem with a new club format. Some who would take up the baton going forward need clear separation. Only EMG can make that offer by relinquishing his major shareholding to another individual or group. EMG has supported the club financially and he should be proud of that and the fans in return be receptive to that commitment. However no one is a bottomless pit and the business world is in an uncertain place with Brexit.

    Rod Jenner and Chris Gage have temporarily taken on day to day responsibility but surely as employees of Dowdeswell Estates they never intended this to happen? Running a football club at this level is difficult and they will find it so. The unseen hours worked by those who have gone will eat more and more into their 24 hours of each day and it is 24/7 commitment. Football at semi professional level is not 9-5 Monday to Friday and just turn up on a Saturday. The club should already be planning next season and believe you me the actual work to be done and time expended in preparation and execution is colossal.

    The club model at present is clearly not working in its present mode and it will only become more and more difficult, with such key personnel leaving and fans becoming more and more disenchanted on how it is operating.

    The list of people who have left in such a short space of time need to be listened to. They know the real reasons, whilst we as fans can only guess to a certain degree.

    There will be options but it is clear the time as surely arrived to examine all those options and inform the fans what are, IN REALITY, the possible routes to travel to ensure and safeguard the future of this and our GREAT Club!

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    While we are currently performing well on the pitch, the move to Evesham has been disastrous on all other aspects of the football club. That place is simply not set up for a club at our level. No prospects for hospitality, no atmosphere, crap parking and 40 mile round trip. Add to that, 10 years of false dawns and broken promises, continual brinkmanship by the owner and a "is what it is" attitude, then no wonder people are fed up and leaving.

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    Good post Colin but it echo's things others have been saying on here and elsewhere for years, and been shouted down for it.

    My questions would be why now for Shaun? Why didn't he leave when everyone else pretty much did? What are the reasons? Was it planned? If so, who is taking over? Do they have experience to do the role? Mistakes in this position lead to point deductions...

    For all that have left, not one person to my knowledge (please set me straight if not) has highlighted actual specifics, whether area or person(s) for their resignations. "Lack of business acumen" was one thing that Tim mentioned but that is pretty broad, especially when you have people at the helm running a very successful national business. Is the suggestion then that those that own the club essentially ignore it, and thus are not running it the way they would their own registered business? If that is the case why not just tell everyone?

    Let's be honest these issues have always been there behind the scenes bubbling away and it's obviously come to the point where the high workload and constraints have become too much for many. But I can't see how any of these problems can be improved or avoided in the future if the root causes are not even spoken about.

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    The Severn Sport Night In - every week on

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    Do you ever feel like you are banging your head against a brick wall? What you have said is quite true Colin, but letís go back 8 years:
    Dave Phillips
    Stuart Pike
    Colin Peake(!)
    John Print
    Sarah Christie
    Other commercial managers whoís names I cannot recall!
    Jim Hart

    Then from the Trust Phil Warren, myself, Lee Mills, plus many many more board members who all performed crucial match day and other roles.

    Iím not saying all of these stepped down because they were disenfranchised, but plenty of them did. We have been saying for years and years that things arenít right at the club, that the ownership model isnít working, asking why we arenít attracting investment, why Trevor Horsley didnít want to be involved. You tried to make things work with the restructure and management board etc, I tried to generate interest in some sort of supporter representation through share holding or directorship but there was no appetite for it.

    We have an owner who moans about having to put his hand in his pocket but has consistently done nothing to change the situation. He runs the show, he needs to step up now and put all his efforts into making the club a proper functioning business and not a hobby/money pit.

    You find yourself on the outside Colin, asking pertinent question like many of us have for many years. Why arenít you branded a negative moaner?

    Tim Harris, ĎMr Gloucester Cityí goes to Redditch and even when he left no one really seemed bothered about WHY?
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    Shaunís departure is a big blow, the secretary job is an important role. Despite everything that has happened to this club, we have never had a points deduction and it makes you worried that if we donít get the right person in the replace him then we could see such problems arising.

    It also makes you wonder how many people are left that have experience in running a football club. Thatís not to say that the new people that have come in are necessarily going to do a bad job, or wonít learn but they donít have the experience of the people that we had. If we want people with the level of experience the people we have lost, then EMG will have to pay for them, because the experienced people we had were doing it for the love of the club, and not many people love this club and would do these full time jobs for free.

    Itís great that Ricco is doing a good job, but that could also have blown up in our faces by replacing an experienced manager with an inexperienced manager. Mind you, the fact weíve been able to stay at this level has been down to the hard work of Tim, Boris and the players and staff etc, not down to any effort or boost in funds from the top.

    Weíve been running off the good will of people for too long, Colin is right in everything he says, but people have been saying it for years.

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    Looking at some posts on the other forum from those VOTTE idiots....

    I get a feeling that we could lose Tim if he feels that the club isn't going anywhere, we all know he loves this club but the writing is on the wall if we keep missing deadline after deadline and who could blame him?
    24 Nov, 2015

    The biggest joke of all is we should be in our element as we are playing in a fantastically competitive league with some brilliant fixtures, but all we seem to do is get depressed over this ground situation. Like others before me have said, i'll believe it when I walk through that turnstile. 3000 days and counting im told.....Would anyone take a wager that we'd be having the same conversation when it hits 4000??
    30 Oct, 2015

    The loyal 3-400 or so have continued to go through thick and thin, mainly a lot of thin. However if we go down, I can see that number being cut in half again. Perhaps worse if we have to leave Whaddon and go to for example, Evesham
    9 Dec, 2014

    And so on....

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    As everyone agrees, we are doing fantastically well on the pitch. However, behind the scenes the Club is an absolute shambles and getting worse by the month. This trend will continue until we get back to Gloucester in our own stadium. Until that point we will remain a very unattractive proposition for new investors, new staff, new players, and new fans.

    Eamonn - please pull your finger out and start building the stadium ASAP. 11 years homeless now which must be approaching some sort of record. You own a multi-million pound construction company so are ideally placed to build a stadium in double quick time. I'm sure we're going to see stadium sketches version 23 very soon which will be lovely, but until we can see stands being built and pitch being laid I won't believe it any more than I did when I went to Hempsted Village Hall to see the first designs 7/8 years ago.

    Please take action soon. Concrete timescales would be very much appreciated (please not "the next 2 years" as we've been coming home in "the next 2 years" for a decade now). Your financial input is appreciated, but as a Club we need a bit more than that now if we're going to keep things together.

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    We think we have problems look at Charlton FC

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    Quote Originally Posted by GDE View Post
    We think we have problems look at Charlton FC
    You are either a Keyway bot or a parody account, I cannot believe you are a real person.

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