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Thread: Hungerford

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    Quote Originally Posted by Noah View Post
    Probably a weak joke to suggest I heard Eamonn for Hamon. Truth is that we are blessed with two fine stadium announcers in Charlie and Runcorn Flag
    I’ve never heard anyone describe Evesham as a “fine stadium” before! 😉

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    Well done Noah & Getushome - you've made me relearn something today that I had forgotten from 'O' level English.

    Namely, that a noun such as 'stadium' in this context as a description of another noun (announcers) is an attributive noun or a noun adjunct.

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    Anyone else keep refreshing for highlights, only to be continually disappointed?

    Gone are the days of getting to see the goals before going out on the town (gone are the days of going out on the town too I suppose).

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    The league's agreement with Pitchero is a total joke. Clubs aren't allowed to post their own highlights until the Monday after a Saturday game so the National League website (run by Pitchero) can piggy back off clickbait and use footage filmed by club volunteers - might I add with no credit until recently. Minimal effort goes into the packages as shown with no replays, no score displayed, etc.
    The Severn Sport Night In - every week on

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    Sounds about right Kelsey. The lack of replays does grate on me.

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    Thought the second half display on Saturday was superb, best all season. Joe Parker's goal was sublime and Harry Williams an absolute class above. First half was absolutely dire and the opening twenty minutes was all Hungerford. Hamon saved our blushes a few times, he's massively improved. Rhys Kavanagh really should have bagged a couple, I feel a little sorry for Ethan because if he had spurned those chances our fans would have been on his back. Rhys seems to get away with it?

    Bitterly cold afternoon and very poor crowd again. Last few home gates have been abysmal.

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    Fantastic result. I doubted the appointment of Ricco but don't mind being proven wrong, March manager of the month not such a long shot either.

    Regarding the crowds, there are about 100-150 die hards choosing not to go at the moment. Nothing from the club to try and get these fans back and until 1pm on Saturday you would be forgiven if you thought there wasn't a game.

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    Highlights are up now. Great 1-0 win. Nice goal by Harry to round the keeper. Shame no one else chipped in.........

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    just looked on the web and can only find Harry Williams goal

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    Quote Originally Posted by GDE View Post
    just looked on the web and can only find Harry Williams goal

    And me maybe we won 1-0 lol

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