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Thread: Eastbourne today

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    Excellent highlights by Eastbourne, one of the best I have seen in North or South, well done to them.

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    Enjoyed those highlights. Thanks Eastbourne.

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    Quote Originally Posted by daveangel View Post
    Great, unbiased highlight. I'm developing a real soft spot for EB. A really lovely club who we could learn a lot from as we near our return home. Especially love the amount of cover at their ground. The polar opposite of Evesham!
    Just not the 3G pitch!

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    Just watched the whole highlight reel, if Ricco's gameplan was to defend then hit them on the break it worked out perfectly but we must start to kill teams off when we get these late chances.

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    Yeah EB fantastic club, great ground, great club house and great fans unlike their near neighbours in Sussex who have a crap ground,crap club house and crap fans.
    I spent the last ten minutes of the game with big Sam Avery in the stands who was more nervous than me watching the game being closed out.He said how do cope with this week in week out!
    Although EB had a lot of the ball they really had one of those days where their forwards could have played until midnight and not scored.
    Having said that I for one have a total respect for them and wish them well for the rest of the season.

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