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Thread: Playoff Eligibility

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    Playoff Eligibility

    Not sure if this has been answered yet, does anyone know if we were to qualify for the playoffs whether Evesham's ground is up to scratch?

    Last season saw three clubs not compete in the playoffs due to ground regulations. I brought it up on the old forum but not sure if we found out for definite.

    (Ps. Not jumping the gun and saying we will get into the playoffs, just a genuine question).

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    Worth bumping this as we're fairing well at present. Do we know yet?

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    A question maybe Brandman could answer me thinks.

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    Someone said yes the other day and he wasn't the man from Del Monte!

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    At the trust AGM Mike and Tim was asked the question. Basically cut a long story short the answer is yes we will be able to compete in play offs

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    They know the work that needs doing to get Evesham up to standard and it's not much.

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    At the Trust AGM it was mentioned by Mike or Tim (can't remember which one) that any work that need doing at Evesham would be done if we were in play off position.

    Anyway, sod the play offs....we're winning this tinpot league

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    I hate to think we get promoted and have to play at Evesham for another season bloody awful place. I think I would just go to away games or take up watching who ever is doing best in Manchester area. I have already found a stone to put in my one shoe so I can walk like they does up there and have been practising saying shite for some weeks now.

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    The answer is No at this specific time but the Club is fully aware of what would be needed.
    And to dispel any myths still existing from last season the same criteria is required for the Champions and those partaking in the Play Offs.

    It would be inappropriate of me to say any more.

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    So I think the answer is We need to b back at MP soonest unless we find a suitable ground with whom to share
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