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Thread: Noah Smerdon

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    Noah Smerdon

    Has earned himself an international call-up...
    The Severn Sport Night In - every week on

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    F*&£#@g clickbait.
    Pitying people who need to drink alcohol to have a good time since 4th June 2017.

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    link does not work

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    Just having a few server issues at the moment, should be back soon

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    It’s only clickbait if it’s Gloucestershire Live

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    F*&£#@g clickbait that doesn’t work is the worst kind of F*&£#@g clickbait!

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    Link works for me. For those who it doesn't work for or want to save a click: Gloucester City Under 18s star Noah Smerdon has been called up to the England Schools Under 18 squad to play in the Home Internationals’ Tournament.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KJD View Post
    Has earned himself an international call-up...
    Better get him tied down quickly before Cheltenham get's in and say he is their player.

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    Can you do that with under 18's?

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    I'm sure you can if you pay them money - I don't think we could just get this guy for instance.

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