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Thread: 15 years ago today

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    15 years ago today

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    and 15 years on Webby is still covering every blade of grass on the pitch

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    A team of real City legends. Webby's first goal for City

    Watched the first half from up by where the camera was and the second half behind the goal - Adie's goal seemed to be in slow motion from where I was stood with Dave Miller.

    Great memories - thanks Neil

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    I was standing with the boy Gough. You can distinguish each of us shouting. A special evening

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eric Van Der Floof View Post
    and 15 years on Webby is still covering every blade of grass on the pitch

    It speaks volumes for him as a player and as a finer in consistency and dedication .
    Shame all the prima donnas he has played with and against did'nt have the mans energy, loyalty and integrity .
    A legend!!

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    Remember driving there straight from work, great night, so unexpected to beat them. Happy days

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    Just watched those highlights. Did Coxy set up both goals?

    Isn't it noticeable how the quality of recording at our level has improved dramatically over the past 10-15 years? We'd get highlights twice a season if we were lucky back then, and everything always seemed to glow white. I remember watching the Southport VHS a few times. Things have really moved on.

    I remember finding the Woking score out from Teletext, so it even pre-dates the old Livescores site.

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    Yep. He ran the centre half ragged, he's now Hungerford manager can't think of his name!

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    Looking forward to the Southport away videos being posted that's probably my all time favourite match

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