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    Two games three mistakes. We've got him for the rest of the season!

    Rhys looked promising. Did Ethan get the equaliser or was it definately an own goal?

    I caught a glimpse of Harry Williams on the way out. What must he be thinking? A wet Evesham is a long, long way from California!

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    Felt sorry for Hamon in goal today. The first was just a complete howler no doubt, but the second goal the ball was rolling along the ground then bobbled over his foot. Harry Williams couldn't play because his international clearance didn't come through in time. I thought our 2nd was an own goal, there were 3/4 players all around and we couldn't see clearly who got the goal.
    As for the tannoy, if anyone can still hear anything then great. Completely embarrassing that it kept making that noise, even turned it off and it carried on making the noise for 5/6 seconds. Evesham are going to look into it this week because it's been happening all season.

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    The bobble over the foot can happen to anyone, the great spurs keeper Mark Kendall done the same whilst playing against city at MP

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    Kept your cool Charlie in the face adversity

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    The backpasses were poor but the errors were horrendous. Gave Hamon 2 awkward situations and he dealt with them awfully. Also missed some crosses and got caught in no man's land twice.

    Played ok generally though. Harry Williams will be an ace addition. At least we didn't know.

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    The slightly worrying thing for us is that Whitehawk have really found their form and I actually think they will stay up. On the other hand there does look some weak teams around us so we just have to try and keep picking up points.

    I usually just follow the games on Twitter, but Poole had a radio service covering the game so I listened to that. They couldn't believe what Harnon did for the first goal and yet the Twitter feed said it was unlucky! They did the same for the 2nd one as well. Why can't there be a bit more honesty on Twitter. Just saying something like an unfortunate mistake from Harnon has lead to the goal.

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    Well I won't sugar coat it. He's a Channel Islands Massimo Taibi. Gives the defence zero confidence, his kicking (whilst improved in the last twenty mins) was abysmal, he has no presence in the box and his mistakes cost us three points. He had two chances to clear the ball for the first one and sorry don't buy that it bobbled for the second. He took his eye of for the ball. Bin him off for the love of of God. Even our own fans were cheering when he did actually catch something.

    As for the others, Webby did well. Ethan I thought had a really good game. Still missing that scorers instinct upfront but he's the best option we have for build up play still. Knowles man of the match for me. Lewis Hall and Kieran Thomas really need to be offering more from crosses. Too many didn't clear the first man. We should have won that game, comfortably.
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    Do you stick with a goalkeeper who gives away goals? Do you stick with a striker who doesn't score them? Do you look at the league table at Easter and think "shit"?

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    Steve Mildenhall was sat in the stand too!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Neil View Post
    Do you stick with a goalkeeper who gives away goals? Do you stick with a striker who doesn't score them? Do you look at the league table at Easter and think "shit"?
    Most clubs - no.

    Gloucester City - yes.

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