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    What’s our opinion on this?

    Seems a complete lack of knowledge from even the people that are supposed to be controlling it, My view is that should only be used as goal line tecnólogy like the Frank Lampard goal against the Germans in the WC, As for that improve the standard of refs and let them get on with it.

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    I agree we have got goal line technology and in my humble opinion that’s enough. The problem as I see it is the money involved in the game at the top end where a wrong refereeing decision could cost a club millions. 99.9% of refs at all levels do the best they can but are human and can only give what they see - once you have technology hoping to decide something which is a matter of opinion it’s useless. The old adage of what goes around comes around applies penalties are the best example and things even out over the season.

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    With the amount of shite decisions given against us, I'm convinced we'd have won the Premier League if we'd had VAR at our matches for the past 20 years .

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    And Coupey would have been sent off instead of Shabir Khan.
    Pitying people who need to drink alcohol to have a good time since 4th June 2017.

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    People will want to see that now.

    I'll share it when they put the goals from the FCUM game online.

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    I think there’s a place for VAR. It works in rugby, cricket, tennis etc (basically every other sport) but the execution from football has been awful.
    Start off with putting replays inside the ground so supporters can see it and to add to the occasion. Then either give managers a certain number of “appeals” a game or make the technology available to the match referee only and not someone sat in an office.

    There’s definitely a place for it, and everyone wants to see the number of wrong decisions come down, but it can’t be used how it currently is.

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    Those other sports are slow moving with the players almost static, and also played by gentlemen who wouldn't cheat!

    Whereas footy is very fast, most times, players practice their moves in the local baths, cheat like mad, and some of the nasty tackles on opponents legs and ankles over the last few weeks are horrific!

    And do the authorities do anything about it retrospectively, no nothing!

    With var they have no excuse, but will they take action , I don't think so, the big clubs would take legal action and the so called judges would capitulate and back the clubs, look what happened to the IOC and the Russian druggies!

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    The problem is when a penalty decision is reviewed for example the actual ref might say yes but the video ref no, the same as happens with supporters having an opinion in what is a foul and what’s not,I would only have it for goals with the big screen like rugby saying try or no try.

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    For me it sterilises the game, the players know everything the do could be spotted. There is less controversy. VAR itself is currently creating talking points but once it settles down I think it’ll be less entertaining.

    It’s strange as I was all for it, I think it’s been fantastic for cricket but in that sport you are dealing in much finer margins between in and out etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Getushome View Post
    It’s strange as I was all for it, I think it’s been fantastic for cricket but in that sport you are dealing in much finer margins between in and out etc.
    They use it in rugby perfectly well and that's not with fine margins

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