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    But rugby doesn't matter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Neil View Post
    But rugby doesn't matter.
    Is it to do with the shape of the ball?

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    I was sceptical about VAR before it was used, and Iím convinced now after these trials that its not worth having in football.

    Iím a fan of goaline technology where they can put it in, itís definitive and it works.

    VAR is still subjective, itís not definitive. I follow Serie A and the amount of problems it causes isnít worth it. The traditional bigger clubs get accused of having more VAR referrals than the smaller clubs. The referees regularly get decisions wrong despite looking at the footage 3 or 4 times. It takes ages (in football terms) to check these things and it ruins goal celebrations.

    Another issue altogether is you are relying on the production truck to get the right footage, so itís not just a referee and VAR.

    They did a player vote the other day in Bundesliga and players overwhelming said theyíd rather it didnít even exist. If the Germans canít get it right, we wonít.

    Add on top of that VAR will only be installed at certain levels so it makes a for a different game to the lower leagues.

    Not for me.

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