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Thread: Harry Williams

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    Harry Williams

    Hes back till the end of the season, fantastic news hopefully any doubts of relegation will now fade away (fingers crossed)

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    Didn't think it would be possible to sign him. Fantastic news, incredible signing.

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    Great signing and a nice surprise.

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    Brilliant to see Harry back in yellow

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    Superb signing that. Well done Ricco and all involved.

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    Let's hope he can carry on where he left off last time and the rain stays off and the missing fans will come back to welcome him home.

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    This is great, someone who has a passion for the club, as well as proven at this level to score goals. % of success far greater than from a loan. Well done Dave.

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    Rather pleased with this news.

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    Well that’s a rather pleasant start to the weekend

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    Great news welcome back Harry well done those involved.

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