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Thread: Away coach travel

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    Away coach travel

    After the fun and games that occurred during our trip to Truro, it's now been brought to our attention that we've lost another couple of regular travellers due to the behaviour of a few.
    KB are kind enough to allow us to drink alcohol on board, but that will no longer be the case unless we moderate it a bit.
    I think we need to state that you need to be over 18yo to partake, as the Truro trip highlighted. Those that organise the trips would be legally responsible should something go seriously wrong, and I'd make a terrible prisoner with my claustrophobia and all.
    It's also a real shame to see nice people stop using the coach due to having to listen to songs that have nothing to do with GC, or even football. Language is another issue. We know "it's football", and nobody would suggest that swearing won't happen, but a bit of respect needs to be shown. Even I cringe at the full volume use of the C word (not Cheltenham) on most trips, so God knows how the more cultured passengers feel.

    Having spoken to many, including a good percentage of "backseaters", I know many already feel the same, so I hope this isn't taken as a moany rant. It's not meant as one, rather a polite request to make it easier to continue making coach travel viable, and enjoyable for those that use it.

    See you Saturday.
    Pitying people who need to drink alcohol to have a good time since 4th June 2017.

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    As a cultured passenger and supporter I have already withdrawn my support for the coach for the same reason.

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    Maybe a few of the drivers could use some equiete then?

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