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Thread: Player Sponsorships

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    Player Sponsorships

    Its that time of the year where I ask if you would like to sponsor your favourite for season 2017/18.

    Price remains the same, Shirt 50, Shorts 20 and Socks 5

    Amazingly, several supporters have been in touch already and have asked to sponsor a player already

    Thanks as always for your support, list will be updated accordingly;

    Avery Sam - Full Sponsorship - Judith Evans
    Chambers Karnell - Full Sponsorship - Gwenda Halford
    Cundy Rob - Full Sponsorship - Roy & Lin Fenner
    Hall Lewis - Full Sponsorship - Phil Warren
    Hamilton Spencer - Socks - Luke East
    Hanks Joe - Full Sponsorship - Nigel Hughes
    King Reece
    Knowles Chris - Full Sponsorship - Dave, Joy & John Hammonds
    Kotwica Zac - Socks - Luke East
    Moore Ethan - Full Sponsorship - Paul Caiden - St Mellion Accounting Services
    Morford Will - Full Sponsorship - Lord Clifford
    Mbunga Edji - Full Sponsorship - Dave Cook
    Parker Joe - Full Sponsorship - Dave & Keegan Monaghan
    Parselle Kieran
    Thomas Kieran - Full Sponsorship - Team Severn Sport
    Webb Tom - Full Sponsorship - Tim Clark
    Williams Ed - Full Sponsorship - Karen Willis

    Harris Tim - Full Sponsorship - Trust Board
    Randall Lee - Full Sponsorship - Dave Jones
    Richards Marc - Full Sponsorship - Matt & Sam
    Tandy Ade - Full Sponsorship - Dr Bob
    Wigmore Charlotte - Full Sponsorship - Adam Whitmore
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    Trev, just confirm that the payment should be made to the Supporters' Trust please

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    Yes please Noah!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Noah View Post
    Trev, just confirm that the payment should be made to the Supporters' Trust please
    Or you can pay it into my bank account, it may or may not count towards the player sponsorships though...

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    Thanks. Sorted

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    Chris Knowles full sponsorship- Dave - Joy - John Hammonds

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    Filling up nicely, thanks to our latest sponsors

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    Edji Mbenga added to the list.........

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    Dave and Keegan Monaghan full sponsorship for Joe Parker plz

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    Rands is back off holiday soon so you better put me down for him or he'll only sulk.
    Pitying people who need to drink alcohol to have a good time since 4th June 2017.

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