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    [QUOTE=young alfie;4617]Not there every week Gay B since I have been following city that's from Meadow Park, The New Lawn , Ciren and now Evesham as a season ticket holder. I was there with a few other supporters painting the stripes on the chicken run and the last man along with John and Gordon working at Meadow Park before it was flooded so I think I am entitled to my opinion. When the team plays well I am the first to praise them when they play crap I will voice my views. If you don't like it mate don't read it.[/QUOTE
    That's the beauty of our forum Alfie airing our opinions when needed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Easty View Post
    You donít fancy a lift over Cinderford tomorrow night then, Steve?
    Certainly not! ..nothing against Cinderford or Redditch tho mate😁.

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    I would check the weather before you go Easty, thick fog up here mate. Can’t see your hand in front of your face at the moment. Set to clear at 19.00 on Tuesday....according to bbc weather site......I hope you’ve got a fern ticket....I know Tim has from his Time at the Town. Oh by the way watch out for that there bear.

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    Donít worry Iíve still got some bear repellent left from an earlier visit this season should tonightís game get the green light...

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    I don't think anyone should be surprised by the amount of pessimism on here. 1 win in 9 games, a striker who's scored 1 goal in 20 games, 1 place off the relegation zone, we have our lowest attendances in decades, we're playing outside of Gloucestershire, and we've been away from home for over 10 years with no sign of returning any time soon. We can try and be as optimistic as we like but if so we risk at sleepwalking into relegation or worse.

    I used to be one of the most optimistic fans going, but it's fair to say the ongoing situation has worn me down over the years. I try to keep my criticism constructive where possible (e.g. my Ethan rant wasn't fun, but I'm hoping to suggest to the managers that we need to change things up a bit) but in many ways all criticism in constructive here as we all know our owners read it so it indicates to them how dissatisfying it is to be a Gloucester City fan in 2018 and things need to change.

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    In case anyone was wondering....average attendances since 1985. This includes league, FA Cup + FA Trophy but discounts Senior Cup, League cups (I.E Dr Martens etc) and Pre-Season friendlies.

    85/86 521
    86/87 421
    87/88 472
    88/89 818
    89/90 866
    90/91 925
    91/92 587
    92/93 518
    93/94 534
    94/95 837
    95/96 819
    96/97 1112
    97/98 690
    98/99 587
    99/00 508
    00/01 274
    2001/2002 281
    2002/2003 383
    2003/2004 408
    2004/2005 402
    2005/2006 356
    2006/2007 373
    2007/2008 307 (At FGR)
    2008/2009 304 (At Ciren)
    2009/2010 320 (At Ciren)
    2010/2011 356 (At Chelt)
    2011/2012 337 (At Chelt)
    2012/2013 371 (At Chelt)
    2013/2014 395 (At Chelt)
    2014/2015 490 (At Chelt)
    2015/2016 465 (At Chelt)
    2016/2017 461 (At Chelt)
    2017/2018 316 (At Evesham)

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    Just goes to show the what can happen when a club is on the up that people will come and watch( season 96/97 ). Was the campaign with semi against Dagenham and when the scum pipped us to promotion.

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    To put in some context.

    Late 80s/start of 90s - Almost won promotion to the Conference (Farnboro scoring a last min goal denying us) and had the FA Cup run culminating the Cardiff game.

    Mid 90s - Keith Gardner came in. A lot of media attention, perennial promotion contender, splashed a fair bit of cash. As you say - FA trophy semi final and almost promotion again.

    End of 90s/Start of 2000's - Financial nightmares, Tracey Newport & awful media stories (players not being paid, people walking out), relegation, Gloucester United, terrible Midland league performances the following season losing to some horrific sides (RC Warwick, Blakenall, Rocester, Bilston, Paget etc)

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    Which season did EMG first get involved..?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MeadowClark View Post
    Which season did EMG first get involved..?
    1999/2000 season

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