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Thread: Supporters’ Trust Annual Draw - Winners

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    Supporters’ Trust Annual Draw - Winners

    The draw was made shortly after the game this afternoon. Thank you to everyone who sold tickets, bought tickets and/or sourced/provided prizes. Well done to all the winners and to Trev the organiser. No doubt Trev will update us on the profit made from yet another successful fundraising event.

    Sally will text all mobile numbers listed on the stubs, so that collection can be organised.

    01624 Adam Billingham - £250 1st prize
    04638 Ken Green Match - Hospitality 2nd prize
    07167 Steve Turk - Hamper 3rd Prize
    06722 Roger Phillips - Racecourse tickets
    03996 Chris Iles - GCCC Cheltenham festival
    04455 Helen Wigmore - Chocolate Selection
    00026 Benni / Berni? - Fox’s biscuits
    00281 Cindy Thomas - Champneys
    01004 Hugo Mercer - Toffee selection
    02129 Jeanette Pandrill - Shortbread
    01824 Katie Shaw - Poppy meadows gift set
    00621 R Morgan - Enormous box of shortbread
    04900 Mr W Bulled - Three Barrels brandy
    07295 Mrs K McNally - Queen’s Fish & Chips
    06846 Mony Mitchell - Box of chocolates
    04565 Denise Gough - Gents travel set
    06781 Allan Mortlock - (some shit) mulled wine
    02114 Harley - Great British Ale selection
    00010 Berni / Benni? - 4 Cider selection
    09861 Angela Hayward - White wine
    03993 F Sparkes - Sweets
    06049 Manna Smith - White wine
    07155 Charlie Davies - Bucks Fizz
    00924 Sophie Berry - Prosecco
    05177 Paul Caiden - Peach Bellini

    Apologies for any typos with names, some names were hard to decipher.

    Unclaimed prizes can be collected from the club shop on match days.

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    Early indications suggest it might be the most profitable Xmas draw ever I believe. This club never ceases to amaze me.

    And sorry for the shit wine Allan.

    Thank you to those who spent time organising, and who sold and bought tickets.
    Pitying people who need to drink alcohol to have a good time since 4th June 2017.

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    There are still a number of unclaimed prizes in the Club Shop today. Check the list to see if the winner was for one of the tickets you sold and come and collect it. If not collected in the next couple of weeks they will used for prizes in other Trust fundraising events. Thanks for your support ☺

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