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    Social Media

    With "professional" people coming in I thought this would really come into it's own. It hasn't, it's the opposite.

    Since Kelsey left there hasn't been any post match manager interviews. There's a total lack of advertising fixtures.

    At Truro there was only updates thanks to Dave doing it as Chris Gage didn't go. Likewise there was a Christmas day message from the "club" thanks to Dave doing it.

    On Twitter we are referred to as "they". We are constantly referred to as "Gloucester", not City. There's this riduclous hashtag of "MakingGloucesterProud" when we are losing games continually and have been out of the City for 10 and a half years, not to mention the flood of recent resignations due to those running the club not making anyone proud in the slightest.

    Twitter updates highlight poor knowledge of the team;

    70 Mins | A rare @OxCityFC attack is blocked and results in a corner. The cross comes in but is dealt with by Gloucester. Looks like we've got some people warming up pitch side.
    CHANCE: 50 Mins | Some good build up play results in an effort for Gloucester deflected over. The resultant corner ends with several Gloucester players having the opportunity to score
    Facebook had the line-ups and then the final score. Nothing else.

    Not impressed at all. Piss poor in fact. What is the point when volunteers are having to cover????

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    Give the guy a chance it is his first real go at least we had updates

    Thanks to Dave for the Truro game and to Chris for the Oxford game

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    Quote Originally Posted by GDE View Post
    Give the guy a chance it is his first real go at least we had updates
    Thanks to Dave for the Truro game and to Chris for the Oxford game
    Great updates yeah!!!

    Is it still halftime from the Eastbourne game?

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    Why should Dave have to do it? Shouldn't he be enjoying the game? We shouldn't have volunteers doing it if the club is restructuring the way it's supposed to be.

    I think you are very easily pleased GDE. Nothing will improve if no feedback is provided. Fans being easily appeased and overly patient is probably why the club is in this total mess.

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    Making Gloucester Proud as a motto for the club is embarrassing, we aren't even making our own supporters proud at the moment.

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    "Gloucester" smacks of rugby. It's shit.

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    Considering all of the previous output is online for all to see then I'm surprised the new man hasn't read into the usual output on a matchday, pre match, post match, announcements, building up upcoming fixtures etc. and just continued it.

    I've also noticed the section in the programme for the chairman is now just from the Editor, aka it's still Mike. I'm surprised the acting chairman isn't putting his thoughts down there. Also fans are still doing the match day updates on Twitter and offering messages of Merry Christmas to the fans.

    This move to a more professional structure isn't going very well is it? And is still relying heavily on fans and favours.
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    In order to be professional on the pitch we need to be doing the same off it. No wonder TH found it so frustrating and that’s not a knock to the volunteers who bail the club out on a daily basis.

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    It's very poor indeed. Must be worst in the league. Programme comms off the newcomers also minimal at best.

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    Just a note, talking of bad programmes. Keep your 3 in your pocket on Monday.

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