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Thread: Oxford City

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    I'm still at Evesham. Oxford have gone home yet we still haven't scored.
    I saw u on the M5 at 5.20pm ... sadly you’re not wrong.

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    We were poor first half we did nothing at all the second half was much better how we didnít score when the ball was played across the goal and a touch would have sent it in I will never know. The officials today were abysmal every single time we went forward the offside flag went up from the linesman the second half the same and how he ruled out that goal is a joke it came off there player then morph headed it in and it should have counted we should have had at least a Point

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    More of the same - we could have played until midnight and not have scored - no real threat going forward. Last pass into the box was abysmal nearly all afternoon.

    We're still conceding silly goals as well - my £5 per clean sheet is looking like like it won't cost me much this season.

    Before kick off I said we needed at least four points from these two matches against Oxford to make any progress - that's now impossible - even if we win there on New Year's Day we'll only be back to where we started before today. The way we played today I think we'll lose again next week and be in the relegation zone at the start of 2018 if Poole win their next match.

    Today's results see us in 19th place, two points above the drop zone and with a worse goal difference than all the teams above us. We desperately need someone to convert the few chances we create and score some goals.

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    Completely and utterly robbed of a point at least all because that fucking linesman doesnt know the rule that when a ball hits a defender it is a FREE ball, and Morf scored. In a combined 90 mins (guess) morf has scored (should have counted) more than ethan moore. Ethan played well today but as a striker who isnt scoring, he cant be playing that well and cant be "unlucky" as some are sayinv every week

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    I spoke to someone who complained every time our strikers made a run they were flagged offside.

    I suspect that means every time our strikers made a run they strayed offside.

    Imo, without reinforcements we are looking at relegation, whoever the manager is.

    We need a poacher, and whilst I know we can't afford one, I think the the cost of getting one will be dwarfed by the cost of not.
    Pitying people who need to drink alcohol to have a good time since 4th June 2017.

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    Dave’s hit the nail on the head there. The loss of income to the club by relegation will have massive ramifications. It’s absolutely imperative that we stay up and yes, a poacher will cost us but it’s a must have/need now

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    Deja vu. Think I have seen that before. So 2017 ends and I am yet to see city do anything but lose. What a disappointment this season is turning out to be. No one played that well but chambers had a mare, couldn't control the ball. New manager but same old same old, given its the same players, no surprise really

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    Sadly daveangle’s third sentence is spot on.

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    Bloody awful performance today no one played well, couldn't pick a man of the match. We gave away a sloppy goal and never looked like scoring.When Tim left I was hoping for a new start but Ricco has carried on the same old same old. Square pegs in round holes,Joe at right side of midfield who he subbed along with Knowlsy while leaving on Ethan and Karnall,who were fannying around all afternoon,(and I will say it yet again get a new bloody striker,

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    Listen..we've got done today by shit officials and the ref should never be allocated another National South League game in his life nor the 2 rent boys that aided him..Edward Williams got bundled over about 30 secs before he gave them their free kick that lead to their goal ok we switched off but this ref was absolutely shit and I'm surprised nobody as mentioned this in the above posts instead of slagging off the performance.
    From what I could see there was nothing wrong with our disallowed goal in stoppage time even though William Morford applied the final touch but we'll see in the highlights Oxford got lucky and they know it and when their physio came on to attend the gypo defender he massaged him beautifully but produced nothing from his handbag..always get terrible officials appointed at Evesham just can't win there and always go behind...New Years Day now is a big one!!.. (Ref today ..xmas prezzy a whistle and bought in Oxford mind..while his 2 santa's little helpers should be on Didcot Station with their prezzies!)...

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