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Thread: Oxford City

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    Oxford City


    Another Boxing Day and a massive, massive fixture!

    Will it be on tomorrow?

    Heavy rain and high winds here in a not so sunny Quedgeley here at the moment!

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    The second half will be wet.

    Better bring an umbrella for the away support.

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    Wasn't it a close game the last time we played. Should be a good game for two teams so close to the trapdoor.

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    Well itís definitely on and the double header against this lot could be the turning point of the season... 6 points a must...

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    With Easty on this one will be very disappointed if we don't win this today given the spirited and comitted performance at Truro where we should have gone 2 up late on mentioning no names and come away with an unexpected 3pts.

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    huffed and puffed need a mobile striker from somewhere!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by GDE View Post
    huffed and puffed need a mobile striker from somewhere!!
    Don't knock the hand that feeds, get behind what we've got, we are where we are

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    Lost a game we dominated from start to finish, conceded a sloppy goal, and we had chance after chance to score.
    Ethanís hold up play was hit and miss, but he wasnít the only player to miss golden chances.
    Letís hope Ricco brings a new striker in soon, because Ethan doesnít look he can even get a shot on target.

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    Well that was a bit like the weather- awful. Why oh why is Ethan continually on the wing . Even the normal work horses Webby and Knowlesy were off the pace. We switch off for a moment 1-0 and that’s all they offered sadly we weren’t any better. Honeymoon over Ricco you’ve got work to do.

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    I'm still at Evesham. Oxford have gone home yet we still haven't scored.

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