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Thread: Oxford City

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    Yes harsh,I hope TH does well as Iím sure he would want us to do well.

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    Great resust City. Got to build on this now.

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    TH Gloucester through and through. Ne went boy, like me!

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    See you all at Wealdstone.

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    Calvin Dinsley
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    May 2017
    At last a clean sheet for me to pay for! £££££

    Well done to Ethan to get on the score sheet at last. Keep them coming now!

    Up to seventeenth, five points above the drop zone and with a better goal difference than all the teams below us bar Oxford.

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    Was that our first win on an artificial pitch?

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    Richard Kear
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    May 2017
    Prior to yesterday I've only watched schools' football in Sleaford on an artificial pitch. Both teams completed lots of passes and there was good pace. I thought the game was entertaining all round, as did the ground hoppers who were watching us for the first time. I've not previously been keen on the idea of a plastic pitch, but I thought it might have helped the game. I wonder what the players thought. They train on an artificial pitch after all.

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    Alan Knott
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    May 2017
    Ricco did say to us after the game that he was a big fan of that pitch, it meant that the players could play some football which has been quite hard recently.

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    Matt Aubrey
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    May 2017
    Back to wind and rain swept Evesham sadly on Saturday then.
    That pitch doesn't seem to suit how we play does it?

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    Superb win, clean sheet and three goals massively helps our goal difference. Need to find a replacement for Hadler now though, if his loan can't be extended? Steve Mildenhall?

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