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Thread: Oxford City

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    Great performance. Living up in Scotland, I rarely make City games nowadays, but glad that when I do get to make it we win!

    Unpopular opinion, but think Joe Parker was right not to go down at the end - from the position he was in, so close to goal, he would have fancied his chances, and probably should have buried it.
    If we can keep playing like we did yesterday, staying up should be no problem!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dom Joly's Publicist View Post
    Superb win, clean sheet and three goals massively helps our goal difference. Need to find a replacement for Hadler now though, if his loan can't be extended? Steve Mildenhall?
    If it were to be Steve Mildenhall last played for City ( according to the Clerics bible) 1996/7 season when he made 8 appearances.

    Hopefully Toms loan spell will be extended.

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    Ahem TRIYF

    Why get the dusty almanac off of the shelf when you have the world at your fingertips?


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    Quote Originally Posted by South bound View Post
    Bit unnecessary pims, certainly don't begrudge Tim going to another club. No doubt if he ever did return some people would need to do a sharpish u-turn
    I was not being disingenuous at all, it's not very often we have the chance to be ebullient on this Forum and as for u turns my record re his appointment is for all to see well documented.As for him going to Redditch he has only my best wishes.

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