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Thread: Proper English Anthem for 2018

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    Proper English Anthem for 2018

    Having a nostalgic moment watching England at Euro 96 on YouTube, and one thing always bothers me; Why do we have to be stuck with the anthem of the United Kingdom at sporting events? For one, no offence your Majesty, but GSTQ is a boring and uninspiring dirge that sounds like a funeral hymn. Secondly, it's unfair on the other Home Nations who cannot have any affiliation with it as it is claimed as England's anthem despite being the British anthem.

    Do you think we deserve our own as the other Home Nations do? Or are you happy with the status quo?
    If I was an England player, I'd want something that gets me fired up and my adrenaline flying before the game. GSTQ would put me to sleep. La Marseilles, The Russian anthem whatever it's called, get my hairs standing on the back of my neck and I'm a bit jealous.

    Jerusalem or Land of Hope and Glory are genuine English hymns, incite passion, and are superior to GSTQ imho. What do you reckon?
    Not that it matters as it'll never change but it's interesting to speculate.
    Nil illigitimi Carborundum

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    Or possibly Vindaloo by Fat Les
    Nil illigitimi Carborundum

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