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Thread: Ex Players Thread

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    Not an ex player but in this article on Jon Parkin on BBC, it shows him scoring against Mike Green in our FA Cup game.
    I remember that - came off the bench I seem to recollect to the normal pie eater chorus and within minutes we were eating humble pie.

    Reference your entry Dave yep how nice it would be - for those who can remember John Stevens and Dave Lewis - athletic they weren’t but goal scorers they were.
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    A load of us were walking back to catch the bus to Gloucester and we caught him after the game getting a extra large Domino's pizza takeaway in Cheltenham

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    Could do with a Dave Lewis now!
    Smutty boys are lonely boys!

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    Cheltenham are getting a John Lewis!

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    Jamie Lucas played most of Weston's match vs Salisbury in goal yesterday after their keeper got sent off for fouling Zak Kotwica. Lucas still scored a penalty wearing the gloves in a 2-2 draw.

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    Well done Ed

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    According to Glos live he has half the championship after him, Have we a sell on clause?

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    I could be completely wrong on this but I believe that FIFA regulations state that for players under the age of 23, if they move for a fee then the clubs who have registered said player are given a solidarity payment. We could be entitled to 1.5% of whatever fee he could move for.

    BUT, I don't know whether it's different for non-contract/contract players or how it works. So we could be entitled to up to 1.5%, but I could also be very wrong!

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    Kev Sawyer came out of retirement (already!) to play alongside Matt Coupe for Supermarine last night. They were knocked out of the Cup 1-0 against Chippenham, with another Nat Jarvis goal.

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