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Thread: Ex Players Thread

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    Not quite worked out for him has it?

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    Hereford say they have no money !! The NLP article on John Mills implies they couldn’t afford him well Harry White isn’t going there for the pleasure of it.

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    Tom Owen-Evans has left Newport after signing for Falkirk

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    On loan at Truro, now up at Falkirk. That's a good move!

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    Have you been to Falkirk?
    Pitying people who need to drink alcohol to have a good time since 4th June 2017.

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    Ok, a long move! 550 miles.

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    What happened to James Fitzgibbons? I remember he was ‘co-owned’ by us and Truro and looking on Twitter he was playing for Hednesford last season. Is he still technically on our books?

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    Just looked on Falkirk web site a fantastic stadium you cannot blame players who go to facilities like that. Sadly Evesham looks like plock court in comparison.Ricco will really have to have the gift of the gab to attract decent Mills has signed for Bath.

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    Jim Bowen signs for Leamington ( Bugger)

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    Not good enough for Hereford?

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