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Thread: Ex Players Thread

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    David Webb has been sacked at Supermarine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Neil View Post
    Someone on Twitter said that Jas has been crap.
    Seems like he has made a few errors according to their forum, can't copy the link from for some reason but some quotes are 'After jaz howlers of late I think rob Edwards will start him on Saturday', 'I also have to say, he's been abysmal for much of the season so far. Only Jonathan Hedge was poorer in my view - nothing sticks with Jaz; check out Kiddie's second goal on NYD! There's been a few of those type of "saves", some he's got away with, some he hasn't' and 'Start him (new loanee). Jas has had too many chances now.'

    Shame as Jas is my all time favourite City keeper and generally I don't care how players do after they leave us, but with Jas I really did want him to progress as he seemed a top chap as well as a top keeper.

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    Interesting one Jas. I do remember him having a fair few rough patches for us, and generally he wasn't as good playing for us as he had been playing against us. That said, I'd have him back tomorrow!

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    Eric Barratt was my favourite City keeper.

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    Geoff Miles was mine brilliant

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gladfans View Post
    Geoff Miles was mine brilliant
    It's his birthday today.

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    Was it not Jeff?

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    Harry Williams is back from America. Worth a look surely?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joe View Post
    Harry Williams is back from America. Worth a look surely?
    Someone go and find him quick.

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    That boy had class we need him.

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