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Thread: All the Stations

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    All the Stations

    I can't share these videos enough.

    Geoff and Vicky are travelling the UK visiting all of the railway stations, on stopping services, not express straight through trains.

    Geoff makes excellent videos and these are his best work to date. There are new videos every week and they are brilliant!

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    Nice one Neil.

    Couldn't see an intinerary/plan anywhere? is it in there somewhere?

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    Don't think so, they have a map of here they've been.

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    There's young guy you can see on the platform at Cheltenham who flags and whistles the train through, and who looks as if he's been a train spotter from the age of five. I'd have loved to have heard him interviewed. Maybe I should speak with him myself. I have the impression that he thinks he has the best job in the world.
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