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Thread: League 2 or World Cup?

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    League 2 or World Cup?

    What would you prefer if you could see only one of the two things below in your lifetime?

    1.City play In league 2 in Gloucester.

    2.See England win the World Cup.

    20 years ago or even 10 years ago I would have said the World Cup But now I would choose option 1 without doubt, Yourselves?

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    I'll take just seeing City playing in Gloucester wether it's Hellenic league or league 2

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    Would take City any day of the week even with the so called golden generation of Beckham, Scholes, Gerrard etc.

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    Some of us old gits have seen England win World Cup so still waiting for us to achieve League status!

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    Defo city in league 2

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    City in league 2

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    Think I'd take seeing City win there next match over a world cup lol

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    Is being in League Two like when suicide bombers go to their heaven with all their virgins or is it just like another Saturday afternoon at the football?

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    I'm not really fussed by League 2. I enjoy watching City at whatever level.

    For that reason, World Cup. See the whole country united and happy for once. Might even get a day off work.

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    [QUOTE=Joe;2355]I'm not really fussed by League 2. I enjoy watching City at whatever level.

    I agree about the level apart from the fact I want to watch another derby again, If I cant have that Iíll settle for the World Cup,I would imagine the odds would be the same on both things happening at this moment in time

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