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Thread: Predictions League Table

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    I have mentioned it on the scores thread just to confirm that the league table after Saturday 3rd February games is now correct.👍

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    League Table after Saturday 10th Feb games is all tickety boo and Daveangel must be absolutely delighted as he notches his best score to date😊..

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    Struggling to contain my excitement.
    Pitying people who need to drink alcohol to have a good time since 4th June 2017.

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    As at Feb 17th league table is spot on with Monkerhostin and City Col hot on the heels of Young Isaac as we get to the buisness end of the season and these 3 occupy the payout slots..
    On another note Leon City Fan who as been a regular top 3 finisher since our inauguration of this league seems to have lost his way this time round and no doubt he'll keep plugging away but he tells me "It's been a bit disappointing but that's showbuisness and i'll mount a serious challenge next season"...we'll have you in our sights then Leon..

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    League Table is all tickety boo after Feb 24th games with Young Isaac still at the summit but the ultra consistent duo of Monkerhostin and City Col apply the pressure..good to see Mr Matt getting back in the groove and seems ready to pounce at anytime..while Redshift as probably been permanently pissed for a few days after registering his best return of the season with 20pts to become the latest member to get enrolled into the Predictor League "Hall Of Fame"😊

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    League Table is spot on after the March 10th games and it's beginning to bunch up a bit at the top with all to play for in the remaining weeks..meanwhile..
    "Hark the David Angel sings"
    A piece of Predictor League history was made last week when daveangel became the highest ever points scorer in a week when he amassed 27pts in his own very unique style and ultimately goes top of the Predictor League 20pts and over Hall of Fame.
    Well done Dave!..

    20pts and over Hall of fame to date:
    daveangel 27pts (Mar 10)
    Cookie 25 pts (Dec 23)
    Mr Matt 22 pts (Nov 11)
    Isaac H 22pts (Jan 27)
    Cookie 20pts (Jan 1)
    Redshift 20pts (Feb 24)
    Gay Buccaneer 20pts (Dec 23)
    Gay Buccaneer 20pts (Nov 11)

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    League Table after Saturday 17th March games is spot on!.

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    League Table after Saturday 24th March is all tickety boo with a few meaty totals in there this week most notably Mr Matt who continues is fine run of form with his 23pts keeping the pressure on the leading quartet while we welcome our newest acquisition to the 20pts and over Hall Of Fame current leader with a 6pts gap..Monkerhostin.
    A big Easter programme in store and plenty of points up for grabs!..if you get it right yer right!..get it wrong yer wrong!.
    as these round of fixtures will surely sort a few of us and determine where we finish.
    Happy Easter and be lucky!😊⚽⚽😊

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    20pts and over Hall Of Fame to date:

    Daveangel 27pts (Mar 10)
    Cookie 25pts (Dec 23)
    Mr Matt 23pts (Mar 24)
    Mr Matt 22pts (Nov 11)
    Isaac H 22pts (Jan 27)
    Monkerhostin 20pts (Mar 24)
    Redshift 20pts (Feb 24)
    Cookie 20pts (Jan 1)
    Gay Buccaneer 20pts (Dec 23)
    Gay Buccaneer 20pts (Nov 11)

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    After the somewhat depleted Easter programme more notably the Saturday the league table is absolutely spot on and again full credit to Steve & Mary for getting it done and up as the season draws to a close..On that note with only 4 Saturday's left to go Monkerhostin goes into what could be a very telling 18pts lead and given his consistency he would have to have an absolute disaster to blow it! as there are plenty in behind still giving chase and a big score from any of those in the remaining weeks would certainly make it a grandstand finish... (cheers everyone).

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