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Thread: Predictions League Table

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    Better give City Col a mention on here otherwise I'll get a bollocking on the bus tomorrow!😁..considering it was FA Trophy games with a few unfamiliar sides Col top scored with 18pts which was a cracking effort and is now right handy just in behind the front did ok to mind Isaac!.😉..

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    Great effort from Steve and Mary to get these tables done with the quick turnaround in the xmas fixtures and as Steve mentioned previously Saturday 23rd December proved to be a very high scoring week for many with Cookie emerging top dog with a wonderful 25 points the best yet this season and now joins the "20pts and over club Hall Of Fame" :

    Cookie 25pts (Dec 23)
    Mr Matt 22pts (Nov 11)
    Gay Buccaneer 20pts (Dec 23)
    Gay Buccaneer 20pts (Nov 11)

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    Oh..and by the way the tables are absolutely on the money!!🎅👍

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    As at New Years Day the league table is spot on..👍...with Cookie maintaining his impressive run notching up another 20 pointer which puts him top..👍..⚽⚽..

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    League Table as at 6th & 13th January is immaculate..⚽👍

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    League Table as at January 20th is absolutely spot on and it's getting mighty tight at the top!!.😥😥⚽☝

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    City Col was the only one to hit double figures last week and is sitting pretty tucked nicely in behind!.😊⚽👍👍

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    As at Jan 27th the league table is all tickety boo.
    Young Isaac H punishes the leading group after bagging a 22 point bounty and poaches a useful lead at the top of the pile.
    Taff boasts his best yet with a 21 point return and Redshift and ScaryMary continue to show their great togetherness with a 16 points apiece and still not a blip all season with the league tables..splendid stuff!..⚽👍

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    "20pts and over "Hall Of Fame"

    Cookie 25 pts (Dec 23rd)
    Mr Matt 22 pts (Nov 11th)
    Isaac H 22 pts (Jan 27th)
    Taff 21 pts (Jan 27th)
    Gay Buccaneer 20 pts (Dec 23rd)
    Gay Buccaneer 20 pts (Nov 11th)

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