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Thread: Merthyr Tydfil

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    Merthyr Tydfil

    30 years since Merthyr Tydfil beat Atalanta in the European Cup Winners Cup and this is worth a watch

    Amazing when you think about it that a team playing the same level as City at the time were playing in one of the three European competitions (when they actually meant something and you didn't have to finish fourth in your league to be eligible to play in the "Champions"League)

    Always enjoyed trips to Merthyr and some good games against their supporters as well.

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    That was good. Oddly, I have no recollection of it though. I know that Newport champion their games against Carl Zeiss Jena but I don't remember Merthyr's.

    Funny thing is, that team stuck together for years until they all got too old. I'll never forget the Merthyr fan saying to Gary Wager, "Keep em out Gazza" as they changed ends for our cup tie in 1994!

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    I have mixed feelings about Merthyr. You have to balance the fact that they are a good old fashioned non-league side providing us with rivalry with the fact they are Welsh. Fair plays to them for their exploits of the 80s but it must seem an age ago with their recent travails off the pitch. I noticed they almost went bust last year but seem to have turned the corner as they have started well and appear to have kept their stars of the recent years Ian Traylor etc.

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