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    No wonder tim harris was complaining about the number of games. Got two teams to play today and then another two on monday. Just crazy !

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    That's a good one. I like that.

    As I commented on another thread, after Monday we will have played over a quarter of a season in 5 weeks and that is just mad. Imagine how much fuss managers in the Premier League would be making if their overrated and overpaid players had to do that as well as holding down a job outside of football

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    It is mental, Something has to change in the future,The most logical way would be to extend the season. in the Spanish league there are hardly any midweek games no counting La liga, I would not be in favor of taking away midweek games as miss them like hell!

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    Or play less games and wait for cricket season to wonder phil neale no longer plays for lincoln and cricket for worcester, seems remarkable now that people did that

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    In case people don't know, Phil Neale is the manager of the England cricket touring parties - and played for Gloucester City, one of our best left-backs. I introduced myself to Phil and arranged for him to give a talk to the Cheltenham Cricket Society.

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    He was on the field at Valley Parade wasn't he?

    You'll all be glad we've played a 1/4 of the season when it's freezing at Evesham in Jan.... Dec..... Nov.... October

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    Don't know.

    Think we all agree.

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