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Thread: Chipping Ham

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    Tactics were all wrong, no use pumping high ball into the box when their John Wayne defenders were taking no prisoners!

    The ref was dreadful, how they had only three players booked and ended with eleven on the pitch with all their cheating and time wasting, especially the time wasting is beyond me!

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    I just got the feeling from the moment we walked in the place it wasn't going to be our night no matter if we did play well they are utter filth as a side and was aided by the sub standard referee.
    Not the best of places to go to and the so called bar was like being up on a oil rig and in a 6ft wide 20ft long caravan and those flashing disco lights to boot!.
    Destitute place really maybe looks better on a Saturday afternoon but there will always be that needle between us don't care what anyone says and what support we had there on the night scared 'em!..anyway that's gone now and would be hard pushed to go there again but I'd go just for the rumpus!#tosspots😁😁😁

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    Local rag states that the two injured defenders trained with the squad this week and could be up for selection for Saturdays game also Webby and Morf are available. But no mention of a striker which is badly needed.

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