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Thread: Chipping Ham

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eric Van Der Floof View Post
    Care to expand on that Col? Couldn't make tonight so.couk interesting to read comments from those that did. Following on Twitter sounded like as bad day at the office.
    Disappointing night all round Eric shame really as we had big support there tonight..your answer is above.

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    Quote Originally Posted by runcorn flag View Post
    Ethan offered little more than a whimper up top and the game really passed Reece King by. Two players who currently for me probably shouldn't be starting.
    Runcorn as spoken for most of us on here tonight.

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    Very disappointing, huffed and puffed all night with no finish at the end of it. Great support for the team from our fans and we really deserved better. Oh well, on to the next game.

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    Poor performance last night to many square pegs, Sam was so slow got robbed of the ball time and time again and S pencer is no left back. The midfield was non existent Darren Mullins far too slow and Reece just out of his depth at this level. As for Ethan offers nothing at the moment we need a goal scoring striker now not in six months time. Played nine games now last season Hopper had scored seven goals.

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    Wasn't at the game but seems as if Ethan isn't improving and it will get worse as every game goes by he just isn't improving is he?
    Tim needs to wake up on this one and ship him out on loan if he comes good after this well great. Lewis Hall will be back soon for the LB spot and Spencer Hamilton can go back to CB, seems as if Sam will drop to the bench, difficult to understand why he has lost his edge this season?
    Agree with square pegs in round holes but Ethan is a different kettle of fish I am afraid....

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    With all the wheeling and dealing going on over the transfer window I believe our friends at the other end of the Golden Valley boast of eight forwards on their books. Surely they have one they could let out on loan to us, not a boy but a proven goal scorer, Dan Holman comes to mind but I would prefer Danny Wright.

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    Agree has to happen, Ethan needs to go to a lower standard and hope to find his touch again, time will tell if he has it at this level but at the moment way short of the level we need and we can't afford to play with 10 men any longer!

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    "Unfortunately the video of Tim Harris' post-match interview was corrupted on upload, so we can't bring you his thoughts on yesterday's loss" Just as well, not a lot he can say.

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    Quote Originally Posted by City Col View Post
    Ian as an educated man do I really need to name them on here?im sure you can work it out!
    Fair enough Col. Just curious if everyone is of the same opinion. Reading the comments on here if seems to be the case.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eric Van Der Floof View Post
    Fair enough Col. Just curious if everyone is of the same opinion. Reading the comments on here if seems to be the case.
    I have calmed down now and on reflection I am glad that I did not over react. I hate having a go at individual players as we all have off days and if I had ten percent of the skill level of any of our players when I used to play I would have been a happy bunny. It was a game where going in to it we all knew we were better than them it just didnt happen on the night. I know KT is a quality player and much respected by everyone at the club but I dont know if him being a captain is working, he is more a action rather than words player. Where as Webby gives 100% but also constantly talks, encourages and bollocks when required. It was very quiet out there against Chip and Ham.

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