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Thread: Chipping Ham

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    Still level on points with 9th place Hemel to be fair. In my opinion, having been to all games, that is the worst we have been all season. Weston was awful, but we had a 10 minute spell and scored. Tonight, we didn't really create anything at all. Saturday can only be better

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    Quote Originally Posted by City Col View Post
    The least said about tonight the better. Roll on Saturday cant be any worse than tonight. I am trying to be positive but I think its good night and good bye to at least two players starting the game tonight.
    Care to expand on that Col? Couldn't make tonight so interesting to read comments from those that did. Following on Twitter sounded like as bad day at the office.
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    Poor all round really, bereft of ideas up front, went behind within two minutes never looked like scoring bit like Chelmsford really.
    Fantastic support who deserved more from the team really.

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    Ethan offered little more than a whimper up top and the game really passed Reece King by. Two players who currently for me probably shouldn't be starting.

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    Rubbish tonight.

    Interesting to see how many more chances Ethan gets. He doesn't even look like scoring. He adds nothing. We looked better when Zack, Karnell, and Page came on.

    Fair play to Chippenham. Good side. Battled much harder than us tonight.

    All good runs end sometime. On to Saturday.

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    Surprised when I saw King in the starting XI especially as thought that Page did well at St Albans and was unlucky when he was subbed at half time.

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    One last moan - how did our hulking great defence get out jumped by David Pratt (who was excellent tbf) for that first goal? He's probably less than 6 foot and the ball was in the air for ages before he headed it.

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    Ian as an educated man do I really need to name them on here?im sure you can work it out!

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    Wasn't there tonight but seem's to be the same old issues Ethan isn't up to it, time for Tim to ditch the loyalty and put him out on loan asap. Has Ethan ever looked like scoring this season - no. This perseverance with Ethan does nothing for the team or Ethan I fear
    Until we can sort out the CF spot and replace Hopper we will struggle to score goals as we need a target man to lay off and create as well as score a few. Agree about Reece King a step up to far from the West Midland League I fear but he may have to do until Knowlsey is fit

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    We were never going to get anything from this one tonight..I will have my say.
    Maybe on the back of 4 straight wins and Chippenhams loss at Eastbourne on Saturday Tim may have been a bit lenient with his starting eleven and underestimated them.
    To me Chippenham aren't a good side their spoilers and caught us on a night where we were poor and i'll also mention there will be aggrevation between us hence that FA Cup 4th Qualifying Round tie of 4 or 5 years ago a bit like Crystal Palace and Brighton.
    It's a shame tonight because we had big big support and the midweek hoodoo struck again.
    Sorry to say as mentioned above I just do not know how much longer Tim can persist with starting Ethan Moore 9 games in now and I feel he's not this level Tim must have seen something we haven't! .and Reece King looks out of his depth those 2 were replaced with Karnell and Zac and a bit if impetus was inserted into a lost cause..let's forget this one as it was Chippenham and we were never destined to win it with a fairy of a referee!..xx

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