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Thread: Predictions League

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    Quote Originally Posted by Taff View Post
    Taff and Sally
    Individually or as a joint effort?

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    Seem to have attracted a decent number of 12 entries so far those being..
    1)City Col
    4)Dave m city fan
    6)Gay Buccaneer
    7)Isaac H
    8)Leon city fan
    Could do with a few more of you diehards putting your names down before deadline day (Sat Sept 30th)as we look to get this to 15 or a touch more.
    Just add your user name on this thread and how it works is on my previous post it's a new division with goals going in all over the place every week youight get lucky!
    Any of you boys from last season fancy another crack ? Mr Ike..Ed G..Severnside. .Itmustbecity..Foggy..Mr Matt..Willy C.
    Myself and Monkerhostin will be reviewing this post in 2 wks looking to finalise the number of entries and dividing the prize money which dependant on total entries we hope will go to the top 3 come May next year.
    Just need a few more to make it a decent competition..come on pop your names on here..don't be shy!.it's a bit of fun!..ok that's it for now surprise me when I next look at this post next week!
    Cheers All.

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    Forgot to throw my hat into the ring earlier, pop me down to please!

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    Ok just to give this one last summary before we get underway looks like we are going to go with 13 here with Runcorn Flag being the latest addition will give it this week before myself and Monkerhostin lock horns and finalise the runners and riders!..2 more to make the 15 would be most welcome..the competition will kick off as stated matches commencing Saturday October 7th...just add your user names on this thread if you fancy a crack at it!..last chance..Cheers All.

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