View Full Version : Family friendly username

Gloucester Nomad
06-12-17, 05:06 AM
I realise my username could be perceived to be a bit daft, and might upset some, and the Cheltenham Citizen sometimes quotes COFer's, so I was wondering if it's possible to change it? I've looked through FAQ's and edit profile but can't seem to change it? Do I have to set up a new profile instead?

06-12-17, 06:26 PM
No. Just tell me what you want and your wish shall be granted.

06-12-17, 07:45 PM
Just saw him and he said he'll go with Harold Shipmanton.

07-12-17, 09:28 AM
Josef Fritzel was friendly with his family too. Too friendly.

Gloucester Nomad
08-12-17, 11:20 AM
I was wondering why my brother has an extra set of thumbs and webbed feet. I was thinking Randolph Hilter, but I've decided with Gloucester Nomad because I lack creativity.