View Full Version : Yellow Cards

15-09-17, 02:23 PM
Have we really only had the one yellow card since the Weston game?

(Hanks v's Havant)

15-09-17, 03:15 PM
We must be top of the being good boys table.

Eric Van Der Floof
15-09-17, 06:49 PM
Makes a change

City Col
15-09-17, 11:28 PM
We need to be more Stella Artois than half a beer shandy, being top of the fair play table means bugger all, where as being top of the table does. We have been bullied out of games and in the last game it was nice to see our captain put in a crunching tackle on their speedy winger who had to re think his game. The time for playing nice is one thing but winning ugly is so much better. unleash the hounds smithers I say.